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Server changelogs / updates

You are a wonderful individual and we love you.

Added an emotes system and 10 new gun skins. Type "!emotes" "!emote" "!emoji" "!emojis" in the chat. (or emotes in the developer console)
To use an emote, press T to access the emotes radial.

Added 2 new maps

Lots of csgo knives skin added. Can holster pointshop items while dead once again.

Added 16 new playermodels, can no longer holster items while alive, added new knives for testing, ask.

Added a menu with the purpose of accessing some server options, help with commands, etc and more to be added in the future.
Press Q on your keyboard or type !options in the chat to access it.
If you have interesting or relevant ideas of what could be added to it, please let us know!