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About Us

What you might want to know about Anchovy servers

We are a small group of Garry's Mod enthusiasts who strive to give you the best gaming experience on our servers. We welcome anyone who abides to our server rules and become part of our gaming community. We will always try to add more desired content and if needed adjust your gameplay experience.

We have released our first server recently but we plan to release more servers (with different gamemodes) in the future. Releasing our first server was an amazing experience that we would do again. We are striving to have more servers available for the public to welcome everyone who wants to enjoy the ultimate Garry's Mod experience. As it was a positive experience for us, we plan on hosting servers for a prolonged period of time.

We love interacting with our players, and newcomers are always welcome. If you want to relieve yourself from stress, relax or just enjoy a game then our servers is the place to be. It is pretty common to see staff members online, for we are passionate about bringing you a pleasant gaming experience. If you wish to socialize with us, you are always welcome to join us on discord. It goes without saying that we enjoy bringing this project to life and we would like to thank everyone who participated, and will participate in the project (dear players, staff, contributors, and supportive members).

How did it all start?

To explain how it all started it is important to say that there are two co-owners of the server. The two of them have known each other for as long as they can remember. Even as children, they were passionate about hosting servers and their hobby was hosting servers for various games, even before Steam existed. Now, after many years, they have decided to make their childhood project a reality again. They have decided to host servers again; starting out with a murder server because it is the gamemode they currently enjoy the most. The two of them, however, weren't alone and decided to ask help from their close friends to manage and moderate the server - This is how the project came to life.