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Welcome to Anchovy Servers!

Please follow our server rules

Special thanks to X27K (ゲーム) for creating this awesome piece of art!

This server is running Anchovy.
Fun things are fun.
Press shift to sprint as murderer (Default keybinds)
You lose points for RDM and get points for killing the murderer


1. No excessive RDM. Do not shoot someone just for fun, or just "because"
2. Do not delay the rounds. ex: hiding and waiting for the timer to go down
3. Teaming/sparing is not permitted. It ruins the fun for everyone else
4. Do not disrespect anyone
5. Do not spam your mic or play earrape in any way (mic, jukebox, tv)
6. Do not door block or body block other players
7. No pornographic or inappropriate sprays
8. Autistic Karl is a criminal bystander, shooting him is not considered RDM and will reward you with points
9. Have fun!

Have you seen anyone not following the rules mentionned above?
Report an incident to a staff member with a valid proof and they will gladly take care of the issue!
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to add or contact a staff member.